Sweden II: Örebro - Umeå

06/22 The way over the river Mälaren is blocked for the next 10 minutes

06/23 At the campground in Uppsala: These two car drivers from South Korea came all the way from home. As tHey were travelling a good portion on the same streets in Russia as I did, we had a long conversation while we are having a delicious, but quite spicy corean dinner together.

06/25 Fika: My favorite things to do in Sweden. Having a coffee and a Kanelbullar.

06/26 Oscarsborg in Söderhamn

06/27 The name of this little village (pop. less than 10) indicates what was happening: I finished the second thousand kilometer

to be celebrated with a local Öl...

06/27 Hudigsvall

06/28 The photo of this sign is a must.

06/28 A very old Opel Kadett (made between 1936 and 1940): rescue me!

06/28 a bad decision for a shortcut leaded to this road-conditions.

06/28 Sundsvall from above

06/29 The Höga Kusten Bridge. Unfortunately, it is closed for bicycles (even so many cyclists take the bridge). I took the 40 km detour as it was a quite nice landscape.

07/01 The Area of Höga Kusten is a very pretty piece of Sweden.

07/01 Here I med Sascha and Anna with their little daughter Sascha (Александра). They are coming from Petrozavodsk in Karelia.

07/01 E4 - not to be recommended for cyclists. Imagine the trucks thet are overtaking here. I drove mostly on the smaller roads, but some stretches are unavoidable. From Umeå on, I will drive more west on the Inlandsvägen.

07/01 Bad weather for the last 2 hours of a day

07/02 refueling in Olofsfors

07/02 Visiting Olofsfors Mill (from 1762)

07/02 The nature-roads are very good to drive on in Sweden.

07/03 following this sign.

07/03 Umeå the place for two rest days.
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