Sweden I: Göteborg - örebro

06/17 entering Göteborg - SWEDEN!

06/17 view of the city

06/17 A visit to the headquarter of the famous camera maker. You cannot get into the factory, but I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to a technician testing a prototype outside at the harbor.

06/17 stature of nuclear disarmament

06/18 Bad weather was coming up - I could mostly escape it.

06/18 may need some paint...

06/18 first signal of severe rain...

06/18 ... second, much clearer, signal

06/18 camping at a closed campground in Gästrop. The groundkeeper gave me permission and even access to the showers - thank you!

06/19 drying the tent in the morning - from all sides!

06/21 Lupins - a lot of nature next to these smaller roads.

06/21 Where is Pippi Longstocking?

06/21 Here is my favorite food in Sweden

06/21 Midsummer in Sweden. All the shops are closed, and the people go to the fairground to celebrate the longest day of the year. I was lucky to be welcomed at the fest in Mullhyttan.

06/21 a small, but very delicious little cake.

06/21 A real Swedish car

06/21 Örebro
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