Sweden III: Umeå - Karesuando

07/07 Vindeln

07/08 I wonder what the best available material for building bridges in Sweden is...

07/08 A very meaningful sign.

07/08 Ajaursjön

07/ Norsjö, evening - on the way to the campground

07/08 camping in Norsjö

07/09 There is something wrong here

07/09 Uffe Dominique from Arvidsjaur, he used to play professional football for Eintracht Frankfurt Jugend

07/11 Rökt röding med tunnbröd at Moskosel

07/12 Bad road for some km

07/13 Lake Vajkijaure. View from the camping at Jokkmokk.

07/13 Jokkmokk Kulturhuset, Gamla Apoteket (old pharmacy)

07/13 Harångsfallen

07/13 Finally beer number 3!

07/11 reindeer

07/13 A nice face of Gällivare

07/13 Incredible, I am so far up North, that the sun rises before it sets ... or the Garmin struggles with its position

07/15 A view rainy days

07/15 My youth hostel (Vandrarhem) in Karesuando

07/15 inside the Vandrarhem

07/15 Klaus having a decent dinner. Tomorrow, I will head to Finland
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