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  Feb., 12 - Perito Moreno Glacier: Valerie and Philippe from Switzerland on their way from Lima to Ushuaia (Webpage).

Feb., 6 - Often met: Tapi Aike, El Calafate, El Chalten and see, how often we will see them on the way.Shai and Sarah from Israel

Feb., 6 - El Chalten: Two Argentinean guys Diego (bottom left) and Cesar (top right), we shared our room with.

Feb., 8 - San Antiqua: Doris from Austria. She travels with her father around Chile.

  Feb., 10 - Coyhaique: Three guys, who cycle the whole Panamerican highway: Matthias from Switzerland, Armando from Argentinia and James from New Zealand (James Webpage)

  Feb., 11 - Coyhaique: Mimi from Switzerland (Webpage). She travelled around South America for 6 month. Some people might know her from the Patagonia Dream Hotel at the Carretera Autral. Here we see her with the shrink wrapped Bike, ready to go home. See you again soon ;-)

  Feb., 13 - shortly past Coyhaique: Rolando Wolf from Buenos Aires.

  Feb., 15 - Parque Queluat: Berni van der Putten from the Nederlands. He quit his job, his flat and started his dreamtrip. He began this open-ended journey in December 2001. We rode a couple of days together and had a great time.

  Feb., 16 - Puyuhuapi: This is Jeff from Mindelheim, Bavaria, Germany. He is now on the road for more then four years. And his speedo shows more then 29 thousand kilometers! Take a look at his tatoo and his great webpage. Jeff, I am not going to forget our great bar-b-q!

  Feb., 19 - near Largo Yelcho: Andrew from Boston. He rides the Carretera Austral solo from Puerto Montt to Cochrane.

  Feb., 19 - at Largo Yelcho: Bernhard from Karlsruhe, Germany. He is on the same trip as Andrew from the picture above. As they are only less than one day away from each other, they may meet...

  03/10 -Siete Lagos: Five people from Buenos Aires running down the Lake District.

03/16 - Santiago: Heidi and Markus from Rosenheim, Germany traveling through South America.

  03/20 - Los Andes: Wlhelmine Stybosch from Canada and Johan van Spluter from Netherland. These two started December in Ushuaia (about the same time as we did). They took a very similar route, so it was just a matter of time that we would meet. The two are travelling up to Alaska. Johan will do the whole trip, he all the time he want, Wilhelmine had to teach, but will join in for the Alaska part.

04/01 - San Juan: Jesus Rodriguez, studying in Trier, Germany and Gabriela Scheufele from Lima, Peru (for two years, normally from Trier as well). We met this nice couple on the jeep tour in Bolivia. We had a lot of fun.

04/16 - Ilsa del Sol, Lake Titikaka: Jeroen and Tamara from the Nederlands. We met at breakfast in Copacabana, Bolivia and then later at the Isla del sol and then later, and again and again... The two are on a eight month world-trip.

  04/18 - Between Ilave and Puno: Takashi Kamio from Japan. He took some time off to do a worldtrip on his bike. He startet in Alaska, where he met too many bears. He will continue for one or more years.

  04/20 - between Puno and Cusco: Eckart Mauch and Christiane Joseph from Germany. They are travelling in South America starting January and will finish in June.

  04/21 - La Paz (two times) and Cusco: Marc Wilkins from England. He climbs on every mountain he sees. And these are mostly very high mountains, as we are in the Andes, the reader may remember. He is a real nice guy and we had a lot of fun together.

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