The Lake district

02/26 Seen on the ferryboat to Pargua. Interesting to see how some people love brands.

02/26 At the port of Pargua, I went to a couple of women who were dealing with sea urchins. When I took this picture, they asked me about my origin. After some talking, they decided that also a Germans had to give their sea urchin a try. I must say, it was an interesting experience...

02/26 At some uphill stretches on the straight road to Puerto Montt, we discovered some nice blackberries. They were welcomed by us and helped us over the day. Not everything good has to be exotic.

02/26 We saw (and were able to smell) millions of conches beside the road. There's a lot of seefood processing business here.

02/27 On the marked in Puerto Montt: We will use this fish for our barbecue tonight.

02/27The sun is setting over the streets of Pto Montt.

02/28Chriss (a backpacker, we met at the hotel) is removing the red wine stains from the floor of our living room at the Hotel Suiza. Yes, we conducted a small wine tasting.

03/01Impression of life in Puerto Montt, were we spending these couple of days. Look at the morning view from our room - turning the head left, Yves is still asleep.

03/04Some of the signs make me feel home.

03/04The Osorno volcano in the morning light. I had to get up quite early to take this picture. But it was easy, because I was happy, the sky was bright and the rain from the day before had stopped.

03/03The stream of lava has marked the landscape.

03/04The first lake Largo todos los Santos, we had to cross to make our way to Bariloche.

03/04Lake with the Chilenean flag. People here are very proud of their country.

03/04People warned us of the tananos. These are big black and red colored flies, that are very annoying (especially when climbing up the hill) and do bite badly. We did not meet them, but some other creature crossed our way:

03/05We made it over the pass to the Argentinean border, where we received a warm welcome by the carabineros and had been allowed to sleep in the waiting room.

03/05That's what I see, every morning, when I look into the mirror.

03/05Largo Frio in the very early morning

03/05The last ferryboat, that brought us over the Lake Nahuel Huapi was escorted by mews (just like home, at the northern sea).

03/05The view was quite dramatic. It rained a little, but not as badly to bring us into any kind of evil mood.

03/09We did not see to many signs of the recession in Argentina. Some comestibles, e.g. milk, are rationed. Sawn in Villa Angostura.

03/09Chocolate is one of the typical good of the region and still available. We loved this stuff and visited all the stores for marked research reasons ;-)

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