07/17 Norway!

07/17 Kautekeino. First things first. After shopping in the first Supermarket (Rema 1000), where I met people in their traditional Sami outfit, I went to get a coffee mug from the major gas station-chain (Circle-K) in Norway. That ensures free coffee whenever you hit a Circle-K in 2019

07/17 little rainy, but great landscape.

07/17 Colors of Norway 🇳🇴

07/18 I made it to Karasjok. From here, it is only 300 km to the North Cape.

07/18 For the first night, I setup my tend a the local campground.

07/19 Going up the hill, I felt pain in my knee. I decided to turn back and rest for some days. To have good rest, I opted for the Hotel, which gave me the opportunity to watch the Tour de France in all comfort.

07/20 This is the story of beer in Norway. Actually, there is no such a story after 6pm, or on a Sunday... Not to mention, that the cheapest can in the supermarket sets you back more than two Euros.

07/21 Old church of Karasjok

07/23 Road to Laksev

07/23 Porsanger Fjord. The Arctic Ocean

07/23 As heavy rain came quick - I hided in this tube.

07/23 North of Lakselv: A place for fans of Harley Davidon

07/23 Dinner in Russnes Camping, Olderfjord

07/24 More reindeer ahead

07/24 Mira and Jonathan from Germany on the way from the Nordkapp to Sicily

07/24 Rikke and Esben on their way from the Kapp home to Oslo. Without camping.

07/24 THE tunnel. This is the king of all tunnels for cyclists. 220 m under sea level! The banana is for the uphill-part.

in the tunnel - 'under water'

07/24 on Magerøya, the island where the Nordkapp is located.

07/24 This is the profile of the final stage North

07/24 I met Markus at the Vandrarhem - together, we prepared a nice dinner. To be prepared for tomorrow - climbing to the North Cape

07/25 closing in

first climb - looking back 07/25

07/25 Reached the Nordkapp !
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