05/31 Start at home in Frankfurt.

05/31 Nidda - still in Frankfurt

05/31 great weather - lots of sun - see my shoes!

05/31 That is the result of planning the tour with a bicycle planning webpage. Actually, these kind of surface happened a couple of times to me today.

05/31 very early sign of getting closer to Sweden (seen around Frankfurt)

05/31 approaching my first stop

05/31 reached the first stop. Leica headquarter in Wetzlar.

06/01 In Wetzlar, is a huge replica of the Minox Spy camera. And it is actually working. The result can bee seen at Minox Webnpage. (If you now look for my images - easy to find: go to the Webspage and open the images of June, 1st, 2019. I was the first person that morning.

the result:

06/02 Edersee

06/02 A very tame raccoon next the path

06/02 Signpost bicycle path

06/02 Fritzlar

06/02 Cleaning & Hanging the washing up @ HI Hostel Kassel

06/03 Riding at the river Fulda

06/03 In Hann. Münden - Doktor Eisenbart

06/03 The local grocery had a 2-for-1 on raspberries

06/03 Close to Northeim: Intensive weather is comming up

06/04 This is the result of the storm last night.

06/05 Lüneburger Heide - Forest part

06/05 Lüneburger Heide - Much more famous Heide part

06/06 bridge to Hamburg

06/07 Hamburg - 600km - This is my first rest-day

06/08 Just as I was about to leave Hamburg, I recognized that a bolt of my Brooks saddle was broken. Still in Hamburg, I headed to Globetrotter, waited until 10am (start of business) and bought a new one.

What a difference: brand new against a good worn saddle (>10.000km). I sent the old saddle home, as it is just a bolt. I will use this one on my other bicycle.

people say that it needed a good 1.000km to get the seat soft and cozy. Fortunately, after 50km riding, I felt ok.

06/08 At the Elbe river North of Hamburg

06/09 The Nord-Ostsee-Kanal at Rendsburg

One can cross ist under the water (just like the Nordkaptunnel)

but it is easier to get down and up again.

06/09 The Wikingturm in Schleswig

06/10 The Nordertor in Flensburg
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